Your Destination for Living a First Class Life

SusanneWilsonDo you want to wake up each morning in love with your life and feeling excited to face the day? I can help you create a life filled with purpose and passion! Stop settling and start living a first class life….All you need to do is click here for your free discovery session. Let’s make this happen!

I’m Susanne: I’m a Lifestyle Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Adventure Traveler, Physical Fitness Coach and Trainer and Positive Force of Energy. I am the coach for Type A, professional, high achieving folks who want to find their purpose, identify their passion and create a first-class life of their dreams.

I can help you reconnect with your true purpose and passion and create a first-class life on your own terms.


I’m Susanne Wilson and I get you because I’ve stood where you are standing. Let’s make this happen together.

You are here today because you’ve had great accomplishments in your life, but something isn’t quite right and you’re done with carrying unnecessary baggage around and want to do something about it.

Perhaps you feel like you’re still young and have much to offer, but the grind of each day keeps you from finding your true light. Perhaps it looks like you have a perfect life but deep down you’re unhappy. You go through the motions each day, but what you really want is to feel alive. You want to know that you matter and to have real purpose. You aren’t alone and it’s possible to take the leap…sometimes all it takes is someone there to push you, hold your hand, keep you focused and help you discover what it is you want to do, feel or be.

Feeling lost without any direction can be painful at times. The truth is, you have experience and wisdom that puts you in the perfect place to get started to create a first class life on your own terms.

Only you know what your first class life looks, feels and smells like, but you may be at a loss of how to get there or you are too scared to take the leap.

Once you’ve figured it out, you’ll replace the self-doubts and limiting beliefs with the life of your dreams. It’s time to unpack all the baggage that’s taking up room and doesn’t serve you so you can make a bigger impact from your heart and soul.


I’d be honored to guide you on your journey as you create your first class life.

Let’s do this!