Passion is the Key to a First Class Life


What is passion? For some it contains a sexual or intimate connotation and for others it means to have an intense feeling or excitement about something or someone.  It’s an energy and a excitement that spurs action and movement. I consider myself a multi-passionate person which is why I jokingly say I suffer from ADSO – Attention Deficit Shiny Object. I want to do everything, try everything and live several lifetimes so I don’t miss out on all that life has to offer.

How do people end up in relationships, jobs and situations where there is no passion?  Is security and safety the choice that prevents us from choosing first in the direction of our passion? Or does complacency seemingly take away the notion of choice? 60% of people express dissatisfaction in their relationships and a whopping 80% are dissatisfied with their jobs.  What does living your passion look like?  According to the Passion Test authors, Chris and Janet Attwood, “Your passions are the clues to your destiny, the keys that unlock the door to your purpose in life.”  The authors developed the Passion Test after discovering that the 100 most successful people in America all have one thing in common – they achieved the five most important things for their ideal career. So, if you aren’t fulfilled or happy, it would serve you to take some time for self-discovery.  Perhaps it means going on a retreat, taking up yoga or carving out time for meditation.  Whatever it takes, you deserve to be happy, to live fully.

“Clarity is Power. The power to create the life you choose to live.”  – T. Harv Eker




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