Finding the path to your first class life


Some people seem to know what they want out of life and have followed a linear path since childhood. Then there are others who’ve changed directions often searching for that thing or that job or career never landing on what felt right. Research offers that people change careers at least seven times in a lifetime, seven times! I don’t know about you, but I’ve held lots of job including jewelry clerk, teacher, legal assistant and cocktail waitress, but it wasn’t until I contemplated leaving the field of education that I began to really explore what I wanted to feel, be and do.  I loved aspects of teaching and knew there was a part of sharing my knowledge, wisdom and experience that I want to incorporate no matter my next career move.

If you are stuck in that what’s next rut and can’t seem to figure it out then realize, it takes time and work. Just like a diet or exercise plan, there is no magic pill for losing weight or getting fit.  It’s hard ass work and can seem a bit daunting at times, but if you are committed to living your dreams and letting go of fear and excuses, then it’s time to launch the rest of your life.

I met a youngish (68 year old) man recently who retired from his job and then went on to pursue a career as a grief and bereavement counselor. I am working with him to take a group of men who’ve lost a child to Africa to build a water well.  He wants to produce a documentary about the group of men  and use the experience of travel and contributing to society as part of the grieving process.  He hasn’t let age or excuses prevent him from his passion of helping others.  Oh yeah, the group trip will be after he does a 10-day hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Make your own path and make it today!


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